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When you follow your heart, you follow your own North Star. That’s just what Anne Riley did when she began her business and named it North Star Design. She found her passion and was transported from a business world to a place where she could enjoy her creative side.

This career correction has provided an opportunity for Anne to pursue her photography and art as she adjusts, edits and sometimes combines her photos. The ready-to-frame PhotoArt card went on the market first - a gift and a card all in one! Soon after, 3 more card lines were developed including one that reflects Anne’s love of animals.

One day, Anne was told, "Hey, you need to invent a way to attach your cards to a gift bottle".... and the rest is history. The Bottle Card was designed as the perfect solution for adding a greeting to the bottle.

Following Anne’s North Star means creating products in the highest quality with attentive service.

Anne Riley has found her passion and is following her own North Star. She hopes you are, too.

My thanks to all who have helped me discover my path for this new adventure....who have supported and encouraged me...who have given me feedback when I needed it...and to my customers who are my partners.



"There is nothing like a dream to create the future."

--Victor Hugo

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